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  • Manual Therapy

    Hands On Practice

Manual therapy is the assessment and treatment of neurological, cardio-respiratory orthopaedic, and musculoskeletal problems through hands-on interventions.

A patient recovering from a cardiovascular surgery. A patient may experience the decreased movement of his ribcage, which may interfere with his usual breathing pattern.

Useful for:

  • A patient recovering from a cardiovascular surgery. A patient may experience the decreased movement of his ribcage, which may interfere with his usual breathing pattern.
  • Addressing back pain whether they are chronic or acute.
  • Repairing joint movements is usually experienced from physical injuries. Such as sports injuries.
Shoulder Massage
Manual Therapy
  • Benefits of Manual Therapy

    Strength, Mobility, Fun, Life

Physioworld clinic utilizes skilled manual therapy techniques performed by registered physiotherapists, to assess and treat soft tissues and joint structures. A great advantage of using manual therapy is that there are no known side effects because the treatment is hands-on.

Our manual therapy techniques are performed by skilled and registered physiotherapists.Physioworld can use manual therapy to treat such injuries as it is:

  • Useful in increasing joint movement beyond a restricted range of motion.
  • Helpful in reducing painful muscle spasms.
  • Effective for acute and chronic pain.
  • Helpful in relaxing muscles and breaking up scar tissue.
  • Types of Manual Therapy

    Joints, Muscles, Nervous, Tissues

Near the end of treatment, muscles feel relaxed and calmed and there is an increased circulation of oxygen in the bloodstream. There is little to no discomfort due to the specific types of exercises and massage techniques used in manual therapy.

Joint mobilization involves loosening up stiff or restricted joints by applying continuous or vibrating movements directly to the joint barrier and overlapping the actual bone surfaces with each other to prevent the patient from moving the joint on their own. It is the process of loosening the joints.

By moving the joints, you can relieve muscle tension after the joints have recovered, but muscle spasms often persist. Do not ignore this muscle spasm as joint problems can recur. Soft tissue massage is another form of manual therapy specifically for soft tissues. Soft tissues are our muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Soft tissues slide and need to slide against each other for normal movement. This lack of “sliding and gliding” can lead to limited mobility in one area of ​​the body.

Soft tissue recruitment (STM) is used to destroy fibrotic muscle tissue such as scar tissue, move tissue fluid such as swelling, and relieve muscle tension. Commonly used for the muscles surrounding joints, this procedure consists of rhythmic stretching and deep pressure. Soft tissue problems can also be a major source of pain. The trigger point, also known as a muscle knot, is known to cause pain and can also impair muscle function. By eliminating these trigger points, significantly reduces pain and also helps in the rehabilitation of certain muscles.

This is a manual therapy that not only stretches and relaxes muscles, but also normalizes joint movements. This technique uses the spontaneous contraction of the patient’s muscles against a controlled opposite force applied by the therapist in a particular direction from the exact location.
After 35 seconds of contraction, the therapist guides the joint to a new barrier, where the patient contracts the muscle again. This can be repeated more than once. Muscle energy technology is usually well tolerated by the patient and does not stress the joints.

This will help reduce stress on your spine

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