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  • Stroke Rehabilitation

    Relearn Skills You Lost

Stroke rehabilitation involves a team of therapists with
different skills who provide help and support to the patient so they can recover from the stroke quickly. The therapists who are involved in the rehabilitation process for a stroke patient include a physician, physiotherapist, psychologist, speech and language therapist and occupational therapist.

Stroke rehabilitation reduces paralysis, weakness and numbness and helps to restore mobility in the patient’s body. The goal of stroke rehab is to help an affected patient relearn and return to regular daily activities.

What it affects :

  • Brain function
  • Motor skills
  • Speech
Stroke Rehabilitation
Stroke Rehabilitation
  • Benefits of Stroke Rehabilitation

    Strength, Mobility, Fun, Life

It goes without saying that if you suffer from a stroke, one of the first options you may think of is stroke rehabilitation. Studies have concluded that rehabilitation has helped many patients to recover after a stroke. It was also found that many people who do not undergo stroke rehab showed little or no signs of improvement.

Stroke rehab is about generating an organized plan in order to relearn every function that had been lost due to a stroke. Stroke rehab helps in restoring skills like feeding, grooming, taking a bath and
wearing clothes. Thus stroke rehabilitation is helps in :

  • Helps stroke patients improve their quality of life.
  • Relearn alternative ways of carrying out daily life tasks
  • Reduced risks of complications
    and possible disability.
  • Effective treatment of areas specifically affected by stroke.
  • Treatment for Stroke Rehabilitation

    Try Vestibular Rehabilitation

  • Exercise Prescriptions

An important part of physiotherapy is exercise prescription. This plays a vital role in improving the performance and functioning of the body part under rehabilitation.The physiotherapist assesses and evaluates the right course of physiotherapy treatment that can help the individual recover and become fit and healthy.

The exercises that are prescribed include active motion, strengthening, stretching, balancing, and conditioning exercises. A physiotherapist includes exercise prescription as a major component in his or her treatment techniques. This form of treatment is continually applied, assessed and reviewed to suit the needs of the patient.

Benefits of Exercise Prescriptions 

A personalized workout regimen is beneficial to patients since it addresses their individual needs, leading to recovery and a healthier lifestyle. Exercise prescriptions help stroke patients as it:

  • Addresses individual needs.
  • Helps target problem areas.
  • Considers the interests of the patient. 

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